Externally-Funded Research Projects

Research & Development Project: Developing cybernetic avatar technologies and social infrastructure to realize embodied co-creation
Moonshot Research & Development program, JST

Principal Investigator
Minamizawa, Kouta (Professor, Keio Media Design)

Researchers Affiliated with the ELSI Center:
Akasaka, Kouta (Associate Professor, Osaka University)

Research Period
December 2020 - November 2025

A Vision of “MELSIT”: Co-constructing models of multidisciplinary “ELSI Talents” (MELSIT) and collaborative designing for the next MELSIT development
Special Subject: Co-Creating New Society with Advanced Technologies, The Toyota Foundation

Principal Investigator
Shikano, Yusuke(Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Osaka Univeristy)

Research Period
April 2021 - March 2024

Implementation and systematization of RRI assessment model on emerging science and technology
R&D Program: Responsible Innovation with Conscience and Agility (RInCA), JST-RISTEX

Principal Investigator
Shineha, Ryuma(Associate Professor, Osaka University)

Research Period
September 2020 - March 2024